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Soma Standard build
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8th Jun 2014

Yes this is a standard Soma build despite it having 3 Formas its a pain to level to its a means to a end as by the end of your mass killing spree you will have a Primary on par with the Boltor Prime with 1 Forma

The Soma relys heavily on its high crit chance and crit damage so we'll manipulate that with Vital Sense and Hammershot for more damage although you can if you wan't as the Soma has good Slash and puncture replace Hammershot with Either Bane of Grineer or Infested, Corpus you can but the Soma doesn't have a very good Impact so I stick to Hammershot for Corpus, We'll need Split Chamber to gives us %90 Multi-shot almost guaranteeing a 2 bullet shot this good combined with out %75 crit giving us more of a chance crit on each bullet we'll use Serration and Heavy Caliber to up the base damage of the gun itself adding more damge on top of our crit damage  Yay! For elements you'll wan't to use faction based ones, I generally go with viral all around as it halves health but for factions I go with their weakness such as Corrosive for Grineer, Gas for lightly armored infested and corrosive for ancients and Magnetic for Corpus  

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Forum » Forums » Weapons build (Infestation)
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